Germany: COVID Certificate – Requirement or Mechanism for Travel?

Everyone wants to return to the way of life that was before the pandemic, without restrictions, and everyone understands the need to restore the global economy. The variety of the expected certificates really gives the impression that discrimination of human rights will be bypassed, and everyone will be able to travel without hindrance.

Nevertheless, many, even skeptics of any vaccines, already admit that vaccination in this matter makes life easier.

The European Union is still going to introduce COVID certificates. In order to avoid discrimination, the documents will be divided into three types: to report on the vaccination given, on the negative result of the PCR test, or on the presence of antibodies as a result of the transferred coronavirus. It is assumed that this measure will not violate the principle of voluntary vaccination, but will only provide an opportunity to move more freely between the countries of the Union in the context of the continuing unfavorable epidemiological situation.

Next week the legislative initiative will be considered by the EP Committee on Civil Liberties, and at the beginning of June the final vote on this draft will take place at the plenary session of the European Parliament.

It is unlikely that the idea will be criticized at the finish line, so one can expect that COVID-certificates will appear already on July 1 – in the midst of, in fact, the tourist season.

Germany says this:

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