Germany: German doctors welcome Sputnik V vaccine

Head of the Standing Committee on vaccination at German government Thomas Mertens (Thomas Mertens) said that “Sputnik V“May be more effective in compared with vaccine AstraZeneca.

At first, many European scientists greeted the Russian Sputnik V vaccine rather coldly, which is based on the same technology as the AstraZeneca vaccine.

However, according to the results of clinical studies, the Sputnik V vaccine is able to prevent infection in more than 90% of cases. In its two doses, two different harmless adenoviruses are used as vectors. This reduces the likelihood that the second dose will become ineffective due to the immune response to the vector.

“This is a good vaccine, and I assume that at some point it will be approved for use in the European Union,” said Thomas Mertens in an interview with the Rheinische Post. “Russian scientists have a lot of experience in creating vaccines.”

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