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In Germany, new criteria for assessing the epidemiological situation came into force. The main indicator is the hospitalization rate over the past seven days. According to the Robert Koch Institute, over the past week, per 100,000 inhabitants, it has increased to 1.89 (previous day: 1.87).

In the current Law on the Protection of the Population from Infections, this indicator is given decisive importance for determining the situation and introducing restrictive measures. As previously reported, this ratio changed the rate of cases per week per 100,000 inhabitants.

An RCT reported 527 hospitalizations infected with the coronavirus.

In total, on Thursday, 1,551 patients with Covid 19 were in intensive care, which is 25 more than the day before.

An important indicator for assessing the epidemiological situation in a country is the percentage of infected people. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 52.2 million people are currently fully vaccinated in Germany, which is 62.8 percent of the total population. 55.7 million people or 67.0 percent of all residents received the first vaccination.

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