Germany: How to move from an abusing husband and not lose your job

─ Good afternoon, beloved newspaper!

I have a very difficult situation with my husband. He began to raise his hand to me, yelling. I want to run away, move. It may also happen that I cannot find a job right away. Then I will have to receive unemployment benefits, maybe social assistance. I’m not fired. I want to quit my job myself. Probably, I will ask to transfer to remote work. But if the employer does not agree to this, I will quit. What can I count on in this case? Social security benefits? Running into women’s homes in a situation like this? If I am later eligible for unemployed or social assistance, can I apply for these funds while living in another city? The reason is that I really want to go so far away that my husband won’t find me. I know that court orders will not touch me, they will not stop him. Set brothers, friends.

Thanks for the advice!

Polina R., Ashaffenburg.

─ Dear Polina!

Domestic violence is a phenomenon that must be combated, and with which both the legislator and the justice system are fighting. If your spouse raises a hand on you, you must immediately contact the police, record the injuries with a doctor and go to a family lawyer. The lawyer will start a legal procedure for protection against violence, which will protect you from attacks for at least six months.

In practice, everything works as expected when the procedure is started and consequently executed. As for brothers and friends, we are still not talking about the mafia, few people want to go to jail because of a man who beats his wife. And all these are serious things, and prison may well threaten your husband and his relatives.

When you start to live apart from your spouse, you are entitled to unemployment benefits, if there are reasons. In any case, you need to contact a lawyer, a specialist in family affairs, to discuss the situation right now. A lawyer will competently accompany the entire process of separation.

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