Germany: It will be easier for foreigners to obtain citizenship

Nancy Feather is in favor of simplifying the naturalization of foreigners in Germany. What is behind the desire of the Minister of the Interior of Germany, Nancy Feather? The bill proposes to reduce the minimum period for obtaining citizenship by naturalization from eight to five years. Children born in Germany to foreign parents would have to automatically acquire German citizenship, plus people over 67 would simply need to have “ability to communicate verbally”.

According to the Bild newspaper, referring to the results of the conference with the participation of the federal and state ministries of the interior, the federal interior minister Nancy Feather (SPD) wants to significantly ease the conditions for the naturalization of foreigners in Germany. According to the proposed bill, for example, children born in Germany to foreign parents should automatically receive German citizenship if one of the parents “legally resides” in Germany for five years.

In addition, it is planned to reduce the current period of naturalization of foreigners from eight to five years. In some special cases, this period can be reduced even to three years. At the same time, it is planned to cancel the obligatory renunciation of the citizenship of a foreigner of his country before.

German Interior Minister Nancy Feser also wants to abolish language certificates for seniors over 67, according to the report. Instead, it will be enough for them to demonstrate “ability to communicate verbally”. For this group of people, the previously obligatory test for knowledge of Germany will also be cancelled.

True, there is still a small “fly in the ointment” in this whole “vessel of honey” – as Bild notes, the ministerial vote on the bill has not yet been completed.

Germany says this:

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