Germany: Pandemic complicates driver exchange campaign

The era of old paper rights is coming to an end. They are subject to exchange in the manner prescribed by the federal government. Member of the Bundestag Jan Korte criticizes the federal government for the fact that the schedule for the exchange of rights developed even before the pandemic cannot be kept due to the restrictions imposed on the fight against cornavirus. Now the responsibility for the implementation of the exchange company falls on the federal lands.

Residents of Germany born between 1953 and 1958 must exchange their rights before 2022. However, in the current situation, they cannot make an appointment with the authorities that regulate the exchange of documents. Often it is possible to sign up not earlier than in the fall.

The politician, whose constituency is in Saxony-Anhalt, explained that one of the main reasons for the current situation is that most of the employees are delegated to provide support to health authorities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Germany says this:

Residents of Germany expect another increase in the retirement age

Payment of social benefits and payment of an apartment without checking the accumulated capital

Everyone can be vaccinated against coronavirus from June 7

Vaccination of children is possible without parental consent


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