Germany: Pharmacies will issue electronic covid certificates

From June 14, pharmacies in Germany will provide citizens with digital passports CovPasswhich will contain data on previous coronavirus infection, test results for coronavirus and vaccination against COVID-19, – reported the Federal Union of German Pharmacy Associations in Berlin.

In addition, digital COVID certificates are expected to be issued at vaccination centers and doctors. According to DW, the European Parliament also gave the green light to the introduction of uniform vaccination certificates in the European Union, which should facilitate travel within the EU. Most of the MEPs supported the initiative, now it must be approved by the EU member states. This is expected to happen before the end of the week.

On July 1, it is planned to launch an Internet platform for verifying electronic “covid certificates”. They will contain data on the owner’s immunity to coronavirus (vaccination or previous illness) or a negative test result for COVID-19. A number of EU countries have already started issuing such documents for their residents.

Germany says this:

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