Germany: Why older people get coronavirus despite being vaccinated

The degree of effectiveness of the vaccine and the amount of antibodies produced in the patient depends both on the vaccine itself and on the characteristics of the organism of each person. Researchers at the Charite Institute in Berlin have identified the reason why older people get coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated.

Scientists have given an explanation for the emerging outbreaks of coronavirus in nursing homes, despite the fact that their inhabitants received two vaccinations against coronavirus and, in theory, have full protection against infection.

The immune system of the elderly responds less effectively to the drug injected than the immune system of younger people, according to a Charité spokesman, based on the results of two studies published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases. Therefore, in order to avoid infection, it is especially important that medical staff and visitors are vaccinated.

Experts recommend continuing to comply with all the restrictive measures introduced when visiting nursing homes: be sure to do tests and wear protective masks.

Germany says this:

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