Germany: Will the cost of travel on buses and trains rise?

During the coronavirus crisis, population mobility dropped dramatically. The reason for this was the restrictive measures to combat the pandemic and the ability to work from a home office. The transport companies suffered enormous damage. Despite a sharp decrease in the number of passengers, transport continued to operate, with only a slight decrease in supply. Will public transport prices rise? to overcome financial losses?

The chairman of the Association of German Cities and the Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, said that increasing the cost of travel on buses and trains could become a reality. The expansion of the regional public transport network cannot be realized without additional funds provided by the federal authorities. Jung explained that without the allocation of additional federal funds, further development of the transport network, which requires costs, can only take place in the event of an increase in the cost of travel.

He also stressed that regional public transport is a central tool for changing social thinking. Moving from a private car to greener public transport requires a well-developed transport network, which in turn requires funding.

Germany says this:

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