Giant sequoias are threatened by wildfires

Giant sequoias are threatened by wildfires in the US state of California. This is reported by the Associated Press, Trend reports with reference to “Lenta.Ru”.

The flames, caused by lightning strikes, approached the Sequoia National Park in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada, where there are two thousand ancient cypress trees, which are almost three thousand years old.

The fire is also threatening the tallest tree in the world – General Sherman, whose height exceeds 83 meters and the width reaches 31 meters. Firefighters are trying to keep it from catching fire by using a special fireproof aluminum foil, which they wrap around the roots of the tree.

It is reported that due to strong winds, the rate of spread of the fire increased on Friday, September 17, due to which some firefighters had to suspend work for a day and evacuate 2.5 thousand local residents.

Wildfires began in the United States in May 2021. The largest was the Dixie fire in California. It did not stop for a whole month. According to local authorities, the fire covered more than 195 thousand hectares.

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