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Giovanna Ewbank has adopted a new pet, but it’s not exactly a traditional pet. “Welcome the new member of the Ewbank Gagliasso family. This is Einstein, a 20 year old donkey who spent his life being very abused, but our friends at @garranimal rescued him, are taking good care of him and soon he will come to our ranch ”, she said on her Instagram.

Last month, Giovanna and her husband, Bruno Gagliasso, adopted a deaf puppy left at the door of an NGO. The actor gave the pet as a gift to his wife, who stayed in Brazil with the couple’s three children, Titi, 7, Bless, 6, and Zyan, 10 months, while he works for Netflix in Spain.


Zoe’s mother, 2, takes advantage of the current season to catch up on fashion editorials and lingerie campaigns like this one. As of June, after all, Sabrina Sato will begin to dedicate herself with more attention to Record’s new reality show, to be recorded on “an island paradise”, as defined by the broadcaster.

The debut of “Ilha Record” is scheduled for July. The program promises to bring together 13 celebrities in search of adventures and prizes, with a treasure hunt footprint. The public will have a fundamental role in defining the course of the dispute, preferably with intense activity on social networks


“You can patrol at will. I live in shorts and I won’t stop wearing them because people don’t like it. It took me years to post a bikini photo. Now I post and I don’t care”

Ana Paula Standard, 55 years old, to Viva Bem, from UOL


Mauricio Mattar, 57, won another granddaughter this Friday (21). Esmeralda’s grandfather (photo), daughter of Luã Yvys, 33, who is the result of his relationship with Elba Ramalho, 69, the actor and singer has now announced the birth of Kayra, daughter of Bernardo Faria and Rayra Gracie, his daughter, 30, with Flávia Gracie. “I am ten centimeters from the floor of happiness. Congratulations! ”, Posted Mattar.


Thrilled, Lady Gaga reported to the documentary “The Me You Can’t See”, which premiered on Friday (21) on Apple TV, which was raped at 19 and became pregnant by her attacker. “I was 19 years old, I already worked in the business and a producer said to me: ‘take off your clothes’, and I said no”. The singer said he threatened to burn his songs and had a psychotic break years later.


Created by presenter Oprah Winfrey, 67, and prince Harry, 36, the series “The Me You Can’t See” also features a testimonial from the presenter and businesswoman, who recalled the rapes suffered from 9 to 12 years old, from a cousin ten years older: “I had no idea what sex was, I had no idea where the babies were coming from, nor did I know what was happening to me”.


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