Global Health: Corona vaccine is safe for pregnant women

Dr. Abdel Nasser Abu Bakr, head of the infection risk management team at the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean at the World Health Organization, said that the organization did not recommend a third dose for any of the seven approved vaccines.

Abu Bakr explained – during the press conference held by the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, via video conference technology, today, Wednesday – that the organization recommended only two doses for all vaccines, except for “Johnson & Johnson,” noting that there are no specific analyzes that must be carried out before receiving any vaccine.

He stressed that there are no side effects for the recipients of the vaccine, and there is no relationship between the vaccine and diabetes and pancreatic injuries in some people who received the vaccine.

For her part, Dr. Rana Al-Hajja, Director of Programs Department at the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, said: “There are many indications that the Corona virus vaccine is safe for pregnant women.”

She added that there is no objection to a pregnant woman from receiving the vaccine, noting that there is no problem in receiving a corona infected person after fully recovering.

And about the black fungus, she confirmed that there is no link between the Corona virus and infection with the black fungus, pointing out that it has been around for years and that the cause of infection is immunodeficiency and cancer, and it also spreads in countries where there is high humidity.

The argument added, that black fungus is not contagious and is not transmitted from one person to another.

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