Golikova and Popova acted as Putin’s “bodyguards”

President spoke at the Eurasian Women’s Forum

Vladimir Putin, speaking on Thursday at the Eurasian Women’s Forum, recognized the right of everyone to gender identity. However, the key to successful development in the present and future, in his opinion, are traditional family values. “They are extremely expensive and significant for the entire Russian society,” the president stressed.

Valentina Matvienko worried in vain: Vladimir Putin, as promised, came to the Eurasian Women’s Forum patronized by her in St. Petersburg. From the strong cough of the head of state, which so worried the speaker of the Federation Council on Monday, not a trace remained. The day before, he had endured many hours of discussion on energy problems without ever clearing his throat. As for the women, long conversations with them were not initially planned – according to the scenario, Putin was only supposed to greet the forum participants, who, despite the pandemic, arrived in Russia from various, including very exotic, corners of the planet.

The cramped hall of the historic Tauride Palace, of course, could not accommodate everyone who wanted to see the Russian leader. At the previous forum in 2018, his appearance created a real sensation – the participants surrounded the GDP with a tight ring and did not let go until each received a handshake, a kiss on the cheek or a selfie as a souvenir. However, in the conditions of covid reality, such a thing could only be dreamed of. Women were warned in advance that it is strictly forbidden to get up from their seats and rush to the podium reserved for the president. And the formidable look of the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, who arrived at the forum together with Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, left no doubt that everyone would have to listen to the speech wearing medical masks pulled over their mouth and nose. But the participants did not grumble. The very opportunity to see the Russian leader live inspired them sincere delight: as soon as Putin entered the hall, the activists of the women’s movement grabbed their gadgets in the hope of capturing this historic moment in every detail.

GDP began by stating the well-known fact that the role of the fair sex in the modern, dynamically developing world is constantly growing, and the coronavirus pandemic has proven this once again. “The activity of women in the search for answers to global and local challenges, their active participation in all spheres of life serves the common interests,” the president emphasized.

However, Putin would not be Putin if he did not speak out in support of traditional family values ​​in such an audience. These values, he said, are extremely significant for the entire Russian society, despite the criticism that rang out. “Of course, with the absolute need to ensure the freedoms of every person, including the freedom of self-identification, nevertheless, I am convinced that traditional family values ​​are the most important moral support and a guarantee of successful development both in the present and in the future”, – the president said. The forum participants, the overwhelming majority of whom came from the Asian and African continents, greeted these words with stormy and prolonged applause.

However, adherence to traditional values ​​in no way interferes with the professional realization of Russian women, their career growth. “The fact that for some states is almost a breakthrough accompanied by noisy campaigns about the rights and freedoms of women is a long-standing practice and tradition for our country,” Putin said, noting that for this we must say thanks to the often criticized Soviet past. The fair sex in Russia can be found both in the highest echelons of power and in big business. In the sector of the creative industry there are 58% of them, in science – almost 40%. The GDP admitted that it is closely following discussions in developed economies about the implementation of women’s labor rights. “There are enough problems there. Very often imbalances, inequality in career plan and in wages are recorded, ”- did not miss the opportunity to criticize the West of the GDP.

According to Putin, in Russia a woman should not be faced with a choice – family or career. The support system is configured in such a way that at any time after giving birth she could return to work, and those who found themselves in a difficult financial situation received payments until the child left school, the president told the foreign participants of the forum.

In total, almost 500 women from 110 countries arrived in St. Petersburg this year. In addition to the Russian leader’s speech, dozens of thematic sessions, discussions, an extensive cultural program, a beauty festival and even the opportunity to undergo a genetic check-up in the “medicine of the future” office await them. The forum will run until October 15.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” # 28646 dated October 15, 2021

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Women liked traditional Putin


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