Good news related to public education in Brazil – 06/06/2021 – Ana Cristina Rosa

At last good news related to public education in Brazil. The National Congress guaranteed an investment of R$ 3.5 billion in internet for students and teachers of basic education in the public network due to the pandemic. Alive!

Through a single transfer, the initiative includes teachers from state and municipal schools. Students from families linked to the Single Registry of Social Programs of the Federal Government and those enrolled in schools in indigenous communities and quilombolas will also be reached. Half of the money can be used to purchase cell phones or tablets.

It is an important action with great repercussion considering that 4.3 million Brazilian students did not have access to the internet when the pandemic began, according to the IBGE. For the legislative proposal to be better, the only thing that remained was to acquire continuity and surpass the limits of the pandemic.

Maybe it could be unnecessary, but times are so strange that it is good to mention the reasons for this student disconnect: lack of money to hire an internet package or to buy equipment, and unavailability of service in the region where the student lives. There are still infrastructure problems in the schools themselves.

Almost a year ago, on June 24th, I published my first column in this space and wrote about digital exclusion. Under the title “Challenges of the new normal”, the text highlighted that the country needed to pay attention to the need to democratize internet access and ensure digital security.

I returned to the topic last week with the column “Digital Disconnect”, in which I warned of the impact of this phenomenon that restricts socio-economic development and can bring people closer to hunger and shorten lives —especially during the biggest health crisis of the 21st century.

At a time when the internet has become an essential tool, digital exclusion is a determining factor in the future not only of students, but also of the entire nation.

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