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The General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic informed this Thursday night (10) that President Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned the release of R$ 415 million for tests of vaccines against Covid that are being developed in Brazil.

The sanctioned project opens a supplementary credit of R$ 1.1 billion for the Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation, Environment, Regional Development and Women, Family and Human Rights.

The publication, according to the General Secretariat, is scheduled for the edition of Friday (11) of the Official Gazette of the Union.

The resources come from the cancellation of financial expenses and the reallocation of discretionary primary expenses.

The R$415 billion is earmarked for clinical trials in phases 1, 2 and 3 of vaccines against Covid-19 that are being developed in Brazil by the National Scientific and Technological Development Fund.

Another R$ 222.6 million will be used as a contribution from Brazil to PAHO (Pan American Health Organization).

The Ministry of Environment will get R$ 270 million to fight deforestation. That’s R$198 million for Ibama and R$72 million for ICMBio.

For works, R$ 150 million is for the Ministry of Regional Development, of which R$ 109.5 million is for water security infrastructure projects and the integration of the São Francisco River with the Jaguaribe, Piranhas-Açu and Apodi river basins.

Another R$ 30 million goes to CBTU (Companhia Brasileira de Tres Urbanos) and R$ 8.5 million goes to ANA (National Water Agency).

Army cooperation actions will have R$ 18 million released.

The Ministry of Family, Women and Human Rights will have R$ 20 billion for various programs.

“Changes arising from the opening of credit do not affect the achievement of the primary result target, since its funding sources are part of the revenues provided for in LOA-2021 [Lei Orçamentária Anual de 2021], which were considered in the calculation of the referred target, and not the fulfillment of the Spending Ceiling, since it is a supplementation of budget allocations of primary expenses in an amount equivalent to the veto in comment, also of primary expenses”, says the distributed note by the General Secretariat.


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