Guillaume Peltier calls for the dissolution of the Turkish-European association Millî Görüş

The number two of the Republicans is annoyed by the leniency of certain municipalities, and denounces an “alliance between the tyranny of minorities and the cowardice of the elites”.

A few days ago, the Administrative Court of Grenoble forced the mayor of Albertville to grant a building permit for a school to the Islamic association Millî Görüş. This Turkish-European organization – which has not ratified the Charter of Values ​​of the Republic for an Islam of France – had already been talked about several weeks ago, when the Strasbourg town hall voted for the principle of a grant for a mosque construction project. Asked about Europe 1 on Tuesday, the deputy vice-president of the Republicans, Guillaume Peltier, denounced a “alliance between the tyranny of minorities and the cowardice of the elites».

«Three federations (including Millî Görüş) refused to sign the charter of Islam in France (…) I ask the President of the Republic to assume his responsibilities and to announce in the coming hours the exclusion of the three federations of representative bodies of Islam in France and to dissolve them“, He claimed. For him, “from the moment an association advocates political Islam, (…) (it) no longer has the right of citizenship in our country».

“Hatred of French and Western culture”

Referring to the law “separatism“, The deputy Guillaume Peltier explained that he did not vote for it in the National Assembly because he considers that the text”pretend to act“And”smokes the French». «I’m waiting for actions, blah-blah in politics, I’m sick of it», He attacked. According to him, France “suffer rather than act».

He also believes that the presidential election of 2022 will pose “an issue of civilization». «For too long we have witnessed an objective alliance between the tyranny of minorities and the cowardice of our elites in the name of hatred of French and Western culture.“, He explained. “On Monday, it is the Islamo-leftists, on Tuesday, the natives, on Wednesday, the racialists, on Thursday, the antispeciesists, on Friday, the thugs of certain districts. That’s enough, we French, no longer support this political correctness».


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