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About 350 children and adolescents aged 12 to 17 years will participate in clinical trials of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. for each age, a certain concentration of the drug will be selected, reports on Friday, June 25, TASS, citing the director of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after V.I. N.F. Gamalei by Alexander Gintsburg.

“There are no peculiarities of conducting research. [нет]This is a repetition of those clinical studies that were in adults, except that there will be different concentrations of Sputnik V for each age. We will see how the vaccine works. I think the side effects will be minimal. If the effectiveness of the diluted dose is sufficient, then we will stop there, ”said Gunzburg.

Answering the question about how long the research will last, the scientist stressed that the registration of the drug is currently scheduled for about September 20.

“This is a dose of Sputnik V, but the registration certificate will be a separate one,” Gunzburg explained.

Earlier on June 24, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Briko noted the need to be vaccinated not only for adults, but also for children, since they are also carriers of infection.

Earlier in the day, WHO updated its COVID-19 vaccination guidelines with the addition of an item on children and adolescents. It notes that they tend to tolerate the disease more easily than adults. Moreover, if a child or adolescent is not included in a group with a higher risk of a severe course of coronavirus, then his vaccination is not urgent and, first of all, it is necessary to vaccinate elderly people suffering from chronic diseases and health workers.

It emphasizes that more information is needed on the use of various coronavirus vaccines in children in order to develop general guidelines for vaccination in younger age groups.

At the same time, the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. N.F. Gamalei has applied for permission to study the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine on adolescents. Vaccination studies are likely to involve adolescents from 12 years of age, not 15 as previously planned.

On June 22, the head of the Moscow Department of Health Alexei Khripun said that the coronavirus vaccine for children and adolescents must be obtained as soon as possible. He noted that the vaccine for adolescents is approaching in terms of readiness and stages of introduction into civilian circulation; currently, volunteers are being recruited for its clinical trials.

A day earlier, Moscow Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova announced that clinical trials of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine for adolescents 12-17 years old would start in early July. According to her, the study will take place in three phases: the first and the second – on the basis of the Morozov Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital. PER. Bashlyaeva, the third – in the children’s clinics of the capital.

Participants in the study, which will last a year, will be offered to be vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine at a lower dosage than people over 18 years old. She indicated that adolescents who have not previously had COVID-19 and have no medical contraindications will be able to take part in the study.

All relevant information on the situation with the coronavirus is available on the websites of stopcoronavirus.rf and access vsem.rf, as well as by the hashtag #WeVotte. Coronavirus hotline: 8-800-2000-112.

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