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In the US, creators of the Hades role-playing video game received the Nebula Award for Best Screenplay in Games in 2020. This is stated on the website of the American Science Fiction Writers Association.

The awards ceremony took place on Saturday 5 June. Developers from the American company Supergiant Games won the Nebula Awards for Best Screenplay in a Video Game. Special mention was made of the company’s creative director and game writer Greg Kasavin, who previously worked on Pyre, Transistor and Bastion games, writes the Federal News Agency.

The Hades video game competitors for awards included projects such as Kentucky Route Zero, Spiritfarer, Scents & Semiosis, The Luminous Underground, and Blaseball.

As noted by REGNUM, the game appeared in Early Access in 2018, and a full-fledged release took place in September 2020. Total sales exceeded a million copies, and the game was highly praised by critics.

On June 1, it was reported that Google Russia Sales Director Maxim Braverman, relying on data from a joint study by Google and analytical agency Savanta, told Izvestia about the differences between Russian and American gamers.

According to him, the shares of mobile gamers by age and sex in Russia and the United States have practically leveled off. Meanwhile, Russian and American users of mobile games have several fundamental differences: they are guided by different sources of information when choosing applications, and also have different genre preferences.

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