Half of the tour operators fully fulfilled their obligations to tourists

Tour operators have already paid off the bulk of their past debts, and half have fully fulfilled all obligations to tourists. The head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova told reporters about it.

“At the moment, 80% of tour operators have paid off most of their debts last year, and 50% have fully fulfilled their obligations to tourists,” she said.

As the head of the department emphasized, thanks to constant work with the industry, none of the major players left the market. Rosturizm is working to support business and provide tourists with the opportunity to travel or get their money back.

Debts with tour operators arose last year due to the restrictions imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Now the volume of debts last year has decreased from 44 to seven billion rubles. By the end of the year, according to the calculations of the Federal Tourism Agency, this figure will be reduced by another three billion rubles, Doguzova noted. Part of the obligations falls on the still closed countries of Southeast Asia, China and Europe.

The commitments in 2021 arose from the temporary closure of Turkey. They will also be almost completely completed by the end of this year, the head of Rostourism assured. For 70% of such tours, tourists either have already gone on vacation, or will go before the end of the year. Tour operators work with clients for 30% of obligations. Tourists will either make the trip at a later date or receive money.


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