Hamas: Any statement or position from the movement that is understood to be biased towards any party in Yemen does not represent us


Against the background of the meeting of a representative of “Hamas” with a leader of the Houthis, the movement announced that any statement, position or intervention from the movement in the “unfortunate” conflict in Yemen is a personal position that does not in any way express the movement and its leadership.

The text of a statement issued by “Hamas” stressed that “any statement, position or behavior that is understood to be bias towards any party or interference by the movement in the unfortunate conflict in Yemen and elsewhere is a personal position that does not express the movement and its leadership in any way.”

The statement also promised that “the statements of the Chargé d’Affairs about victory and liberation are only intended to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine.”

In the statement, “Hamas” expressed its appreciation and thanks to the Yemeni people for standing “by the side of our Palestinian people in all the stations of their jihad and struggle, the last of which was their sincere brotherly stand with us in the battle of Saif al-Quds with all its sects, components and locations in the north and south, east and west, and inside and outside Yemen.”

The movement affirmed its standing “with all the brotherly Yemeni people,” wishing them “all the best, unity and harmony, and an exit from this conflict, to unity, safety and prosperity for the benefit of all of Yemen.”

The representative of Hamas in Yemen, Moaz Abu Shaala, honored the Houthi leader, Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, by handing him the movement’s shield during a meeting that brought them together, in appreciation and gratitude for “his efforts in supporting the Palestinian cause and specifically supporting the resistance.”

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