Head-to-head: the best players from Santos x São Paulo, position by position

There is more classic coming in Serie A 2021. This Sunday (20), Santos and São Paulo enter the field at Vila Belmiro for the fifth round of the Brasileirão. Neither of the two teams started the championship the way they would have liked, and that is why they occupy the 13th and 16th position respectively on the leaderboard. This game, therefore, has an even greater importance for the two teams, who need to gain points to recover.

Thus, see an ‘X-Ray’ of the confrontation between Fish and Sovereign, comparing player by player, based on likely lineups that appear in the game previews. So, check out how the one-on-one between Santos and São Paulo turned out:

1. John or James Volpi? James Volpi

Volpi’s experience could be important in the confrontation | FBL-SUDAMERICANA-SAOPAULO-LANUS

Volpi’s experience under the beams is the big difference in this duel. He is a much more well-rounded goalkeeper than John, and in important matches like this, this is something very important.

2. Pará or Igor Vinícius? Igor Vinicius

Athlete has acted almost like a midfielder

In this case, the experience factor does not place Pará as the winner of the duel. Igor Vinícius, 24, has the upper hand and can help São Paulo a lot in this match, mainly due to the fact that he is being cast more advanced, close to the midfield line.

3. Luan Peres or Diego Costa? Luan Peres

Luan Peres is one of Santos’ most trusted players

Alvinegro takes the best of this match. It is one of the pillars of the Alvinegro defensive system and one of the most reliable in the eyes of the fans, mainly due to its regularity. This regularity is lacking in the young Diego Costa, 21 years old, who despite having quality, still fluctuates a lot.

4. Luiz Felipe or Bruno Alves? Bruno Alves

Bruno Alves starts at São Paulo

Fickle, Luiz Felipe often alternates good and bad performances. Bruno Alves, despite not having his best start to the season at São Paulo, is more solid than his arch-rivals. It has a lot of technical quality.

5. Felipe Jonatan or Reinaldo? Reinaldo

Reinaldo has had an important defensive role

Reinaldo has played a slightly more defensive role in recent games, coming to act at times almost as a defender. He is ahead of Felipe Jonatan in this duel and could be one of São Paulo’s trump cards in the match.

6. Camacho or Liziero? Liziero

Player was recently called up by the Olympic team

Camacho recently arrived at Santos and was praised on his debut. However, in the duel with Liziero, the São Paulo player has the upper hand, and may be important in this match to set the pace in midfield and help in the transition to attack.

7. Jean Mota or Gabriel Sara? Gabriel Sara

Sock is only 21 years old

The young midfielder Gabriel Sara, only 21 years old, is living a better moment than Jean Mota, who has often been criticized by the Santos fans. Sara can be one of the main names of São Paulo in the game, taking the ball to the opposing area.

8. Gabriel Pirani ou Wellington? Gabriel Pirani

Despite his young age, Pirani has been highly praised at Santos

The young Gabriel Pirani has an advantage in the duel against the also young Wellington, who is actually a left-back by origin, but who should be used in this match in the midfield streak. Pirani has received a lot of praise from the Santos fan.

9. Marine or Emiliano Rigoni? Marine

Marine can be decisive

Despite not going through a great phase, Marinho seems to win the duel against Rigoni, from São Paulo. He can be one of Santos’ team’s differences in the match, as he is a player with enormous decision-making power and great finishing.

10. Marcos Guilherme or Luciano? Lucian

São Paulo striker is a reference in tricolor attack

Marcos Guilherme has been helping Santos a lot since he joined the team, but Luciano is taking this duel for being a very decisive player and with a keen eye for goals. The São Paulo forward can be the main offensive reference of the match.

11. Kaio Jorge or Eder? Kaio Jorge

Positioning intelligence could be Kaio Jorge’s trump card in the match

This is another balanced duel, as Eder has been playing good games lately and is already threatening Pablo, considered a starter by the fans. But young Kaio Jorge gets the better of this one, for his skill and also intelligence in positioning, which can be something very explored against São Paulo’s defense.

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