“Health”: 1274 new cases of corona and 1028 recoveries

The Ministry of Health announced the registration of 1274 new cases of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), bringing the total number of infections to 461,242 cases, and confirmed that 1028 cases of recovery were recorded, bringing the total number of people recovered to 443,810 cases, and 15 deaths were recorded, bringing the total deaths to 7,503 cases. The ministry revealed that the number of active cases reached 9,929, while the number of critical cases reached 1,565.

The Ministry of Health called on everyone to take the initiative to register in the (My Health) application to obtain the (Corona) vaccine in order to preserve the health and safety of all members of society, stressing at the same time the need to adhere to precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and advised everyone to communicate with the (937) Consultation Center And inquiries around the clock, to obtain information and to know the latest developments.

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