Hebrew state adjusts expectations after Trump favors

DECRYPTION – Despite Israel’s disagreement with the Iran nuclear deal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s main concern is to preserve his country’s diplomatic relations with the United States.

Israel is reacting cautiously to US pressure to resume nuclear negotiations with Iran. On Friday, Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a brief statement reaffirming its disagreement. “Israel remains committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and its position on the nuclear deal has not changed, indicates the press release. Israel believes reverting to the old deal will pave the way for Iran to a nuclear arsenal. “

The Israeli Prime Minister seeks to avoid an early clash with the new American administration. During the Obama era, marked by the 2015 accord, his reaction was brutal. The head of the Israeli government denounced the position of the United States at the podium of the United States Congress speaking of a “Historical error”. It hadn’t changed the deal and he had alienated the Democrats. Joe Biden then took charge of managing Benyamin Netanyahu, whose contacts with Barack Obama were freezing.

The new president

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