Heirs of Vinicius de Moraes will be indemnified at R $ 3.4 million due to AI-5 – 05/11/2021 – Illustrated

The heirs of the musician, poet, composer and diplomat from Rio de Janeiro Vinicius de Moraes made an agreement with the Union, ending a process filed almost 27 years ago. Now, they will be indemnified in the amount of R $ 3.4 million. The information was published in the column by Ancelmo Gois, of the newspaper O Globo, and confirmed by leaf.

The document, filed at the 28th Federal Court of Rio, decrees an indemnity for moral and material damages caused to the artist by authorities during the Brazilian military regime.

The lawsuit against the Union was filed by Luciana, Georgiana and Maria Gurjão de Moraes – daughters of the musician -, on July 25, 1994.

The lawsuit was filed under the justification that the removal of Moraes from Itamaraty – where he worked as a diplomat since 1943 – was illegitimate and the result of political persecution at the time, endorsed by AI-5, Institutional Act nº 5, implemented in 1968.

The musician was exonerated from the post of first secretary in 1969, through a compulsory retirement. Along with him, dozens of other diplomats were also removed from Itamaraty at the same time.

The amount of the indemnity was defined based on the money that Moraes stopped receiving after leaving the diplomatic career and the moral damages he acquired, according to Paulo César Filho, one of the lawyers involved in the agreement and a member of the PCPC law firm (Paulo Cezar Pinheiro Carneiro).

The indemnity will be paid as a precatory, that is, as a judicial debt of the government. Filho also explains that the finalization of the payment can occur until 2022.

In the book “Chega de Saudade”, published in 1990, Ruy Castro comments on details about Moraes’s dismissal. “He received the news on the high seas, on a ship. He cried convulsively, because he loved the Itamaraty, even though he detested the public service bureaucracy.”

Moraes died in 1980, due to pulmonary edema. Eighteen years later, with the democracy already established in the country, the Federal Justice amnestied Moraes and, in 2006, he was reinstated to the body of Brazilian diplomats.


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