Henry’s mother changes lawyer, who talks about ‘acting with the truth’

Monique Medeiros, mother of the boy Henry Borel, who died at the age of 4, changed his lawyer on Monday (12), the same day that he had a request for habeas corpus denied by the Justice of Rio de Janeiro.

The criminalist Thiago Minagé, who has acted for Eduardo Cunha, former president of the Chamber of Deputies, will assume his defense. In a note, the lawyer said the only strategy would be “to act with the truth”.

“We will work with the facts as they occurred,” says the text.

Suspected of qualified murder of her son, Monique was arrested last Thursday (8), next to her boyfriend, councilor Jairo Souza Santos Júnior, known as Dr. Jairinho. Isolated in a cell at the Penal Institute Esmael Sirieiro, in Niterói (RJ), she has been crying, screaming and asking for attention.

Until now, Henry’s mother had been defended by the same lawyer as her boyfriend, André França Barreto. She denied that Jairo had assaulted and killed the boy.

At dawn this Monday, Monique was admitted to the Hamilton Agostinho de Castro penitentiary hospital, on the west side of Rio, for a suspected urinary tract infection.

She had to be transferred after complaining about difficulty urinating and abdominal pain. According to a medical report, Monique also showed signs of anxiety and hypertension.

Minagé was with her at the Penal Institute of Niterói, where she returned after the tests did not detect bacteria.

On Monday afternoon, Judge Joaquim Domingos de Almeida Neto, from the 7th Criminal Chamber of the Court of Justice, denied a request for habeas corpus to Monique and Jairo, who were temporarily arrested for 30 days.

In the decision, the magistrate affirmed that temporary imprisonment is only decreed “when it is essential for the investigations of the police inquiry”.

“Now, if it is essential, it is absurd to even consider replacing it with different precautionary measures, which only apply in the case of preventive detention – a totally different institution and with other grounds,” he wrote.


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