Here comes the new adventure of Bolsonaro, your favorite bumbling now in NY – 22/09/2021 – Flavia Boggio

After the hits of “SOS, There’s a Crazy One Loose in Brasília”, “A President and Three Babies”, “Mamata’s Day” and “Run the Militia Comes There”, bumbling Jair Bolsonaro gets ready for another adventure that is the biggest mess.

He was a failed army captain who tried to blow up barracks with bombs, until he decided to run for president. What no one imagined is that this madman would win the elections, taking his entire family to live the biggest herd.

With a bunch of noise and beyond incompetent, he went on to set fire to the forests and lead the whole country into one puddle after another.

In this new adventure, this dumbfounded president lands in New York to drive everyone crazy. Get ready for a lot of trouble. You will laugh non-stop, but nervous.

In the middle of a pandemic, this crazy leader will end up at the UN without taking a vaccine, making everyone in trouble. There will be alcohol gel everywhere.

In an explosive meeting, the president meets the deranged prime minister of the United Kingdom. Alongside Bolsonaro, even the Brit is sensible.

Along with his troupe, this unimmunized president eats pizza on the sidewalk and makes everyone go through one embarrassment after another. Even pizza is bad with these guys who only think about sinking the country.

You don’t miss out on waiting for this crooked president speaking to the UN and turning into a worldwide mockery. It’s one lie after another.

What the president did not realize is that his enemies are even in New York and he faces protests from all sides. Luckily, it has an uncontrolled Health Minister as a doormat, who shows the crowd the middle finger. But who takes it is the Brazilian.

Don’t miss this comedy at “Sessão da Tarde” that will make the whole family laugh. But only the president’s. Yours will cry.

After this adventure comes “A Very Crazy Coup”, when this president, beyond insane, joins old fascists to try to take power. Right after the “Video Show”.

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