Hidalgo calls on government for ‘new devices’ for consumers

Paris PS mayor Anne Hidalgo asks “new support systems adapted to the problems of crack users“In a letter sent Monday to Prime Minister Jean Castex of which AFP had a copy.

These structures must see the light of day “in several locations away from dense residential areas and living spaces», Claims Anne Hidalgo, confronted with tensions between residents and consumers in the north-east of Paris, in particular Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad.

The mayor of the capital demanded Monday that the garden of Eole, where crack users have been gathered every evening since mid-May in order to relieve the residents of Stalingrad, be returned to the inhabitants by the end of June. “Only a metropolitan network of reception and respite facilities, open day and night, and associated with accommodation solutions with social and medical support, is able to provide a lasting response to the distress of users and residents.“, Still considers the elected socialist.

The Ministry of Health on Friday formalized its wish to permanently authorize the existence of lower-risk consumption rooms, nicknamed “shooting rooms“, Facing the balance sheet”positive“Of the two structures experienced in Paris and Strasbourg since 2016. At the end of May, Inserm recommended”a national scale»Lower-risk consumption rooms, in a study taking stock of French systems.

The derogatory framework that allows them to operate ends in 2022 and sustainability requires them to be enshrined in law before the end of Emmanuel Macron’s presidential term. Anne Hidalgo underlines in her letter that “the term lower risk consumption room has crystallized opposition and arouses strong rejection from many residents, even though the idea of ​​spaces allowing controlled use of narcotic products, outside the street, and promoting entry into a care pathway, can achieve consensus».

Potential candidate for the presidential election, she asks for the opening in Paris and in the metropolis of Greater Paris “from this summer, without waiting for legislative, regulatory and budgetary changes“, Places such as”supervised inhalation stations, with medical and nursing supervision“. Anne Hidalgo also asks for the appointment of a “National Crack referent” for “get back on track»The Crack plan launched in 2019. It suggests the name of Jean-François Carenco, former prefect of Paris and Île-de-France and current president of the Energy Regulatory Commission.


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