Hidalgo denounces “a very orchestrated campaign” fueled by “the extreme right”

The mayor of Paris has however promised a “decentralization” of questions related to cleanliness to give “the means” to the mayors of the arrondissement.

Once again in turmoil. Since this weekend, the town hall of Paris has been pinned for its management of cleanliness. Photos are published on social networks to prove the “Rampage” from the capital. Pressed by her opponents to explain herself, Anne Hidalgo recalled Thursday morning on RTL that she was “Committed to doubling” the cleanliness budget during his mandate. The socialist mayor also indicated that she wanted a “decentralization” concerning cleanliness issues in Paris to give “ways” to the mayors of boroughs. “They will have it very quickly”, assured Anne Hidalgo, while the measure has long been demanded by elected officials.

“Trumpization method”

Above all, the mayor of Paris wanted to denounce the “Highly orchestrated campaign” behind this round of criticism on social networks. “It’s a fairly simple method of trumpizing political life at work everywhere, including in France”, judged Anne Hidalgo. The city councilor notes “A lot of proximity to the extreme right” for all the “Big accounts” who relayed this campaign. According to her, this example “Must be used as a textbook” on targeted attacks with political aims on social networks.

Anne Hidalgo also pinned Pierre Liscia, spokesperson for the Free movement! by Valérie Pécresse, who regularly denounces the dirt in the capital. “When we go up (at the origin of the criticisms, editor’s note), we always find a person called Pierre Liscia who is promoting his book and who is behind many of these sites ”, denounced the socialist. The mayor took the opportunity to recall that the candidacy of this pécressist in the 18th district had only collected 3.47% of the votes in the first round of municipal elections in March 2020.


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