his indicted French teacher denies his involvement

The 11-year-old girl committed suicide in her bedroom in June 2019. If, for her parents, the teacher has some responsibility, the latter denies having played a role in this drama.

She is accused of having pushed one of her students to the worst. In September 2020, a French teacher from Val-d’Oise, in the Paris suburbs, was indicted for “harassment of a minor under 15”. Suspected of having influenced the suicide of little Evaëlle, found hanged in her room after having suffered months of school harassment, the teacher, questioned by TF1, defended herself having played any role, refuting the accusations of parents.

The official noted in particular that “being a strict teacher does not seem to me to be, especially today, a fault“. In this case, the professor was suspended from her duties and placed under judicial supervision with an obligation of care.

“Everything, today, in educational practices, can be likened to harassment”

«I never had a problem with Evaëlle“Assured, categorically, the teacher questioned. In front of the TF1 cameras, she explains that she is “realized some difficultiesWhich Evaëlle, according to her, was facing. “She was comfortable speaking, struggling to write, which caused her outbursts of anger.“, Reports the professor, explaining that”appropriate support should have been put in place to help him“. She assures to have proposed it to Evaëlle’s mother, but the latter would have refused, which would have provoked, between the mother of the family and the teacher, “problems». «When you are a mother, it is always extremely difficult to position yourself in the face of your child’s difficulties.», She declared, adding not to recognize herself in the facts that the family blames her.

However, in January 2021, Evaëlle’s parents explained to the Figaro that one day their daughter came home in tears, claiming that the French teacher had asked her in front of the whole class to explain why she felt harassed. The little girl said she felt humiliated, and reported to her parents that the teacher kept telling her “stop crying and answer questions“. According to the teacher, this scene would never have taken place: “that day the students arrived at my class extremely agitated“, She reports to TF1,”they were coming out of a PE class where an argument had taken place between several students, including Evaëlle. I wanted to understand, so I let them speak».

If the investigation is still in progress, the rectorate has for its part launched its own investigation. Asked by TF1, the rector of the Academy of Versailles Charline Avenel stressed that the investigation brought to light “forms of rigidity” in the “teaching methodsOf the teacher, but that no specific elementreveals a situation more important than these“. The report also states that “the teaching team is united around the teacher“, considering that “everything, today, in their teaching practices, perhaps assimilated to harassment, and that they are all exposed to appeals or complaints», Indicates TF1.

Apart from the teacher, three children aged 11 at the time of the facts are accused of harassment and have also been indicted. If the teacher risks 3 years of suspended prison sentence and a 30,000 euros fine, the children, themselves, being minors at the time of the tragedy, can only receive educational measures.


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