Honoring the Egyptian plastic critic Hisham Kandil in Jeddah

The city of Jeddah witnessed a major celebration to honor the Egyptian plastic critic Hisham Kandil, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Atelier for Culture and Arts Dhai, yesterday evening, for his role in enriching plastic art on the Arab level, and in Saudi Arabia in particular.

The Director of the Saudi Society for Culture and Arts in Jeddah honored the poet Muhammad Al Sobeih and the artist Faisal Al-Khudidi, the director of the Arab Society for Culture and Arts in Taif, the fine critic Hisham Qandil in the presence of the great Saudi artists, for his role in enriching plastic art at the Arab and Saudi level through more than 30 years he spent in Jeddah .

The celebration was attended by the artist Abdullah Hamas, the artist Nabil Najdi, the artist Omar Badghish, the former head of the House of Plastic Artists in Jeddah, Omar Al-Zahrani, Ayman Yousry, Muhammad Al-Shehri, Bassem Al-Sharqi, Ola Hegazy, Abdul Rahman Al-Maghrabi, Muhammad Al-Shehri, Abdul Rahman Al-Hasani, Reem Al-Diny, Maha Abdel Halim Radwa, Saud Mahjoub, Salwa Hajar, Walid Al-Zahrani, Sadeq Ghaleb and the journalist Ahmed Shehata. And the Moroccan artist and poet Mohamed Al-Shahdi, editor-in-chief of Swift News, poets and writers, while the media ceremony was presented on Al-Arabiya channel, Suha Al-Waal.

The poet Muhammad Al Sobeih said that Hisham Qandil provided the Saudi plastic movement for more than thirty years with great and undeniable services, and he took the hand of many talents who have now become the stars of the plastic scene.

The Director of the Culture and Arts Association commended the wonderful and effective role that Qandil played, whether while managing the Saudi Center for Fine Arts or the House of Plastic Artists.

The artist Abdullah Hamas said that the beginning of his acquaintance with Qandil was through his organization of his exhibition “Murals” at the Saudi Center for Fine Arts, which was perfectly organized by Qandil and opened at that time by the Mayor of Jeddah, Dr. Khaled Abdul Ghani, and the friendship between them deepened over all these years and culminated in the personal exhibition that he organized His in Cairo at the Arab Atelier for Culture and Arts.

The artist Omar Al-Zahrani said that Hisham Qandil was one of the makers of the Saudi plastic scene, especially in the nineties, while the artist Ayman Yousry said that his plastic beginning was at the hands of Hisham Qandil, where it was his first participation, and he found support and encouragement from him, and that Kandil was encouraging postmodern exhibitions that were Not for profit.

In a moving speech in which the Saudi artist, Ola Hijazi, cried, she said that Qandil was the first to introduce her to the plastic scene since her virgin beginnings, and he was constantly following her production, and she had the honor of participating in the exhibition of Saudi artists in Egypt and Lebanon alongside senior plastic artists.

The media, Suha Al-Waal, interviewed Hisham Qandil, and he said that his story with Jeddah is his story with art, and vice versa, where faltering beginnings are supported by promising situations and facts, and beautiful endings raise many questions.

And Qandil added, “The answers shine in the memory, forming the most beautiful scenes of the life that almost passed, and I contemplate how this simple and spacious, without the slightest feeling of alienation, has passed.

In front of the walls I found a young man standing with the great leaders of Saudi art.

And Qandil continued, “My story with Jeddah is the most beautiful painting of a lifetime. In minutes, I contracted with the wonderful artist Mona Al-Qasabi, and with all magnanimity and nobility, she did not skimp on any information about the art scene in interaction, creativity, promotion and marketing, and over a period of about a decade and a half, and as soon as she realized her sense Noble I refined enough, released me into the beautiful formation space.

What happened was, and I got to know the dear Diaa Aziz, then I met Mr. Bakr Sheikhoun, and I befriended Al-Ayesh Hisham, the manager of the Roshan hall, and accompanied Shalimar Sharbatly, Abdel Aziz Ashour, Salah Bashrahil and Radhia Barkawi.

Then it was what was, and the exhibition of the Iraqi artist Hisham Al-Taweel came, where the square of authentic Arab art opened in front of me from the Baghdad gate, where Jawad Selim, Shaker Hassan Al Said, and Hafez Al-Droubi.”

And Rais Dai added, “In the meantime, I also got acquainted with the great artists of Egypt, such as Dr. Ahmed Nawar, Abdel Wahab Abdel Mohsen and others, and I got acquainted early with the great writers, poets and journalists such as Saeed Al-Suraihi, Abdel Aziz Mashri, Abdullah Manna, Omar Najm and Osama Afifi, and then the important meeting. With Her Highness Princess Jawaher Bint Majid, who I consider one of the most important stages of the fine movement for me and for all those affiliated with this rich arena.”

In the end, the ceremony witnessed the honoring of Hisham Qandil, amid Saudi hospitality, for the role of the Egyptian plastic critic in enriching Saudi and Arab plastic art.

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