Hospitality is ‘collateral damage’ in a state where ‘no one takes responsibility’

Hospitality has become the “collateral damage” of lockdowns during the pandemic, particularly in Victoria where “no one seems to take responsibility”, according to Melbourne cafe owner Phillip Kennedy.

“I think probably in Victoria we’ve had more shutdowns than anybody else so that’s a state problem … but no one seems to take responsibility for that,” he said.

“We’re probably missing $150,000 a week in revenue and we’re getting about $3,500 support and my staff aren’t getting anything, the casuals especially have been really badly let down.

“Hospitality is just collateral damage, got a line put through us right at the start – that’s how it feels, and my staff feel like that and they’re leaving the industry in droves already”.

Mr Kennedy said his business will probably lose at least $10,000 a week once it reopens to a capacity of 50 following the easing of Melbourne’s restrictions.

“I think that will pay about half my fulltime staff if we’re operating at 50, less actually, we’ll lose money at 50,” he said.

“At the same time, it’s a step forward, so we’ll just sort of puff our chest up, get out there and have a crack and in a couple of weeks’ time we’ll be rolling again”.


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