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About six thousand children’s health camps hosted last summer in Belarus boys and girls from all regions of the nearly ten-million-strong republic. And according to official statistics, more than 345 thousand children have improved their health in the sanatoriums and camps of Sineokoy. This was announced on September 27 by the director of the Republican Center for Sanatorium and Resort Treatment Gennady Bolbatovsky at a press conference in BelTA.

And although, he clarified, “the demand for health improvement in local health resorts this year exceeded the supply, it was possible to provide vouchers for all interested and needy children.” More than 46 million Belarusian rubles were allocated from the state treasury for these purposes, which made it possible to reach the indicators of 2019, the head of the center explained.

And for some categories of adolescents in need of health improvement, he specified, they even managed to exceed the annual rates. Initially, according to him, the specialists planned to send 4,500 disabled children to health resorts, but life made its own adjustments, and as a result, 4,800 children were able to go on vacation. In addition, eleven thousand more orphans and children left without parental care spent the past summer in the open air, in sanatorium conditions.

Referring to the epidemiological situation during the recreation of children, Bolbatovsky assured that “the summer campaign passed without major outbreaks of the disease, although it was very unstable. Out of 345 thousand children in camps with a day stay, 80 cases of COVID-19 infection were registered, and with round-the-clock stay – 24 cases. But mass infection was avoided, “he explained. True, according to him, “the recommendations of doctors this year were less stringent than last. Nevertheless, the occupancy rate of shifts was reduced, social distancing was observed in the camps, and mass events were held exclusively in the open air, antiseptic agents were also placed everywhere. “.

Summing up the results of the summer recreation season, the expert said that according to preliminary data, more than 12 million Belarusian rubles were spent on strengthening the infrastructure of the camps and their preparation from various sources of funding.

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