“How Big Data Feeds Inequalities”

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The Israeli historian exposes us the risks of a monopoly of the web giants and returns to the coronavirus pandemic.

Par Antonello Guerrera (The Republic)

What kind of world awaits us after the Covid pandemic? Why is another non-biological virus likely to do even more damage? How to deal with the ” crime of inequalities »And the utopia of an egalitarian society? To the restrictions and the problem of a surveillance society? To the dictatorship of algorithms and Big Data? In the next digital cold war? And why doesn’t history repeat itself? Yuval Noah Harari answers all these questions. This 45-year-old Israeli, who does not own a smartphone, but remains one of the greatest contemporary intellectuals, philosophers and popularizers, makes his comeback in bookstores with the second volume – The pillars of civilization –of the graphic novel version of his first bestsellerSapiens, an extraordinary journey through the history – and the future – of humanity.

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