How, in thirty years, the Lepenist vote conquered the popular electorate?

DECRYPTION – For the Jean-Jaurès Foundation and Le Figaro, Jérôme Fourquet shows how, over the presidential elections, the weight of popular and low-educated categories has increased within the FN and then the RN.

One year before the next presidential term, all the polls currently carried out place Marine Le Pen in the lead or neck and neck with Emmanuel Macron in the first round and credit her with impressive scores in the second round. The frontist candidate had already reached the second round during the 2017 presidential election and her party took the lead in the 2019 European elections. These high results and repeated performances provide information on the strength of this electorate and on the deep anchoring of this current of thought in the French political landscape.

A brief historical retrospective confirms this impression. It has been more than thirty years now that a member of the Le Pen family has obtained a double-digit score in a presidential election. Apart from the accident of 2007, where under the effect of the effective competition of Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Marie Le Pen had achieved a poor performance, the low water level of the FN in the first round was always located at

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