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Every fourth Russian cyber sportsman is still in school, and every fifth wants to make the game his main income. Such data “RG” provided in the press service of the Diversus Group, one of the largest companies in the field of investment and asset management.

The Russian esports market is estimated at $ 12.7 million. This is much less than in China, where the same figure is $ 385 million. However, according to investors’ forecasts, our indicators will grow by about 6 percent every year. And there will be more and more players, mostly at the age of 17-19. Enough on the field of a computer battle and very young.

What does this market in Russia consist of? About 80 percent is the sale of media rights. Tournaments in Dota, World of Tanks and other popular games are watched by millions of viewers, so the organizers make good money on this. The rest – about 20-22 percent of the market capacity – comes from ticket sales and investments from the creators of online games themselves.

As recent studies of Russian investors have shown, in our country, cybersportsmen are generally accepted at the age of 17-20 after about three years of experience as an amateur “Rubilov”. Interestingly, 45 percent of our active players are students or graduates of technical schools and colleges, and 38 percent have not even graduated from high school. Cyberarens attract them with the opportunity to earn money, which only the layman perceives as easy. For example, 58 percent of regular tournament participants admitted that they train at least 8 hours daily.

Nearly 40 percent of active players have not even graduated from high school

At the same time, players’ earnings in Russia are not impressive. Only 2 percent of athletes are consistently earning more than $ 3,000 a month. While 82 percent are content with earnings below $ 500. Despite this, in Russia there are prerequisites for the creation of e-sports stadiums – venues where hundreds of offline spectators can gather. So far, Moscow is considered the flagship of Russian eSports. According to Nikolay Altshtein, Diversus Group CEO, spectators are mainly attracted by the specialized Yota Arena and CSKA Arena at Avtozavodskaya, where such competitions are held from time to time. According to the interlocutor of “RG”, a good potential for e-sports in Russia can be provided by arenas built for the 2018 football World Cup, but now not loaded at full capacity.


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