How neuroscience helps influence consumers

PSYCHOLOGY – Knowing how the human brain works helps sell. But not just anything, and not just any time.

“No one has the power to make you buy something you don’t want or need”, immediately demystifies Dorothée Rieu. Doctor in neuroscience and memory specialist, she created the company MEdiaMENTO, which carries out online quantitative studies to test the effectiveness of an advertisement or a medium. Because it does not prevent: knowledge of the functioning of the human brain is a weapon of choice to guide the decisions of the consumer.

So is the art of advertising. Brands must capture the attention of consumers, who are over-solicited: they see 1200 advertisements per day on average! “To highlight in this hubbub, the hour of an advertisement, its auditory and visual aspects, the impact of the messages that precede and follow it, the medium chosen to broadcast it, the location, etc., everything can be tested by changing only one variable at a time – everything else being equal – until the most relevant formula is found ”, explains Dorothée

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