How Nissan organized the fall of Carlos Ghosn

BIG STORY – The trial of former Nissan executive Greg Kelly lifts the veil on the circumstances of Carlos Ghosn’s arrest and on the Japanese group’s tactics to emancipate itself from its shareholder Renault.

Code name “Charcoal”. Working hypothesis: there is evidence of violation of laws or of the company’s code of conduct. Objective: to land “Charcoal”.

On May 30, 2018, fifteen minutes from a planned telephone meeting on “plan C”, a preparatory document drafted by lawyers landed in a few mailboxes at Nissan; he draws a map of the means to expel “Charcoal”. Its president. Carlos Ghosn.

On the left, the direct route, in the event of an indictment for a financial or other crime falling within the scope of Japanese law, or… of “Placement under guardianship for mental incapacity”. Show no mercy. On the right, the procedure to be followed by the classic route of governance. Longer, more complicated. At “Day 0”, it is necessary “A private conversation with Charcoal to ask him to resign”. If he refuses, it is necessary to convene the board of directors, which can take time if “Charcoal” does not do it on his own, then a general assembly.

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