How they fought for residential meters

The next step – knocking out an acceptable service room – Yevgeny carried out already in the position of a laboratory assistant at a research institute, where I also beat my thumbs. He began the assault at a trade union meeting, pushing into the agenda a vaguely worded question – about the unacceptable living conditions of some employees. The presiding deputy director, with whom Yevgeny drank informally during working and non-working hours and to whom he brought fertilizers to the garden plot (chemical reagents from our institute’s warehouses), said: a room will be vacated, then as an exception … “

The meeting was a burdensome one; those who came did not expect to get out into the fresh air as soon as possible. Someone shouted: “What kind of apartment are you talking about? All our apartments are fully equipped! ” They shouted at him, and Eugene prayed: “What if a miracle happens, will the room be vacated? Let’s shout. So as not to drive the quorum into the hall for the second time. ” Adopted unanimously.

Eugene knew what he was doing and wrote the protocol with his own hand. In his report, the number of the coveted apartment was specified specifically. Shortly before the trade union interpretation, he started tricks with the wife of a zavlab, a rare penny, obsessed with research gimmicks and hovering in abstract theoretical empyreanism. Colleagues openly mocked this fanatic’s obsession with endless experiments. The appearance of the ochlamon also disposed to scoffing: a rounded pelvis, sloping shoulders, long hairs hanging on the ears, there was a feeling that nature sculpted a woman, but at the last moment changed her mind and taxied herself onto the men’s rails.

It is not surprising that his wife, when the brutal assertive Eugene grabbed her, filed for divorce without hesitation and, together with her schoolgirl daughter, moved out to her mother, and handed the keys of the apartment where she left the idiot to her admirer – as a guarantee of future family connectivity. Said, “A fool of mind won’t have enough to change locks.” On the same day, Yevgeny settled in the vacated square. The accomplice promised to squeeze out her ex and guaranteed a return to the nest, to a potential blacksmith of a new mutual happiness.

The obscure zavlab did not immediately realize what had happened.

When he woke up, he was depressed. And he started plying around the institute’s offices, demanding that those who voted for Yevgeny’s move to withdraw their signatures. People shied away under various pretexts. Nobody likes to be pinned to the wall and put pressure on the psyche.

I visited Eugene on a visit. Excited by the misfortune that fell on him, the psycho, seeing me, yelled: “What are you doing here?” And although he politely addressed “you”, I thought it best to flee.

Evgeny was saddened by my flight.

– And if he pounced on me? – I made excuses. – After all, he is at home. And suddenly a stranger rushed in.

Eugene disagreed:

– If he attacked you, I would have the right to call the servants of law and order. I would have gotten rid of him in one fell swoop. – But he added: “However, he is truly inadequate. You can expect everything from crazy. “

Why did I even undertake to help Eugene? We collaborated: we stole alcohol for washing the instruments, sifted it into empty half-liters from Extra and Stolichnaya with screw caps atypical for those times: to visit and, if they did not have time to warn that there is ninety-degree rectified inside the containers and it is advisable to dilute it, the impatient, having uncorked the container and grabbed a glass, admired: “What does it mean for export, real drink, breathtaking, they know how to do it when they want!”

At the Academy of Sciences, where Yevgeny visited with his housing problem, he was clearly explained: for a legally full-fledged positive decision on the provision of a room, you need a written statement from the zavlab that he does not mind having a neighbor.

The situation seemed to be at an impasse. The judge, to whom Yevgeny found an approach, did not guarantee the successful outcome of the adventure and was afraid of scandalous cassation complaints. Therefore, I did not recommend bringing it to an open trial. But to negotiate quietly on such a painful topic was unrealistic and sane. And the insane zavlab was literally shaking from one kind of imposter invader. He stated:

– You can’t smoke me. I have the most valuable archives! And my father died at the front! An old mother in Lugansk! If she comes, where to huddle?

Eugene peacefully admonished him:

– And my father died. What do we share with you?

Zavlab listened to the arguments with great attention. But he did not give in to persuasion.

Eugene himself dashed off the necessary statement on his behalf and assured him with his own signature and the institute seal, since the deputy director gave him access to it.

A hired lawyer advised the use of attrition tactics. Eugene did not appear at the court sessions – either because he was on vacation or on a business trip. In case you still have to take part in the process, I rehearsed with the replica support group. The decoy spectators had to laugh loudly and shout from the audience: “Scientist, but he is squabbling!” (This is about the troublemaker.) Or: “I’m a professor too!” Or about him: “Do such scientists exist ?!” Or: “A young specialist has the right to decent living conditions!”

The young secretary, the judge’s assistant, reported to Yevgeny about all the preventive offensive steps of the opponent, Yevgeny appeared to her in all the splendor of his charm, with a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates, and the girl melted. He strengthened the relationship of trust by presenting her with a blouse brought from the Baltic states and a homemade elk-horn candlestick. Receiving information from the spy: the spit-splashing disheveled type writes denunciations and demands justice, Eugene suggested how it is more agile to besiege the brawler and unsettle him. Klevretka, at the instigation of Eugene, sacked and turned the truth-lover:

– Don’t push! We know our responsibilities without you!

In addition, Eugene intimidated his wife who had escaped from the zavlab, threatened that he would kick his ex-spouse to her mother (where the fugitive was still found). The prospect greatly frightened the lady, she agreed to take the side of the almighty joh and declare: her ex is a corrupted monster who harassed her own daughter.

Thus, the portrait of the fiend was unambiguous. There was no excessive exaggeration in the grotesque caricature: the poor man, driven to white heat, once really grabbed the ax. Eugene immediately called the district police officer. In the trade union committee of the institute, on the initiative of Evgeny, a commission was created to investigate the incident.

It’s amazing: the temple of science encroached on solving problems of the universal, planetary level, but every day it plunged deeper and deeper into everyday squabbles and squabbles. The commission was concerned with studying the conditions for the emergence of the conflict: because of the strife, the honor of the uniform of a respected, state-supported institution suffered. A shadow fell on everyone.

The members of the initiative group, which included (again at the insistence of Evgeny) and me, went to investigate the stumbling block.

The zavlab who opened us initially made a pleasant impression: he was in a fresh shirt and a tie. But he categorically refused to let him into his dusty littered defensive trench.

– You can’t come to me!

The deputy director (free fertilizers need to be worked out) did not back down:

– How is it impossible? Clean up the mess. We will wait…

Once again I was amazed at the rabbit persecution of this weak-willed prisoner, not of this world: I did not drive out the uninvited invaders, I was not outraged by the arrogance …

To our surprise, a table was laid in his room. The deputy director imagined: they will placate us, but the zavlab announced with a challenge:

– I get along with my former family. They will come now.

It was a complete surprise for everyone.

The doorbell rang. Zavlab went to meet. It was audible: he was strenuously inviting someone to come in.

When he returned, he tore off his tie and laid it out: shortly before our visit, his daughter, whom he bought a gift for, warned that she would come by using the pronoun “we”. The nutcase imagined: “we” means – a wife and daughter will come and try to persuade him to restore the family. For the sake of the holiday, he ran off to cooking for cake and dressed up.

The daughter came with a friend and did not want to stay. She took the gift and, dryly thanking him, set off.

– Where is your communique? – asked the rogue, cornered. – Let’s sign. And get out of here. At least in the institute basement, at least to my mother in Lugansk.


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