how to adapt your coffee consumption

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – Depending on your genetics and health profile, you need to know how to moderate your taste for coffee. Explanations.

The number of scientific studies on the health effects of coffee is up to its consumption: colossal. But the results are often contradictory and controversial. Its stimulating action, on the other hand, is almost unanimous: it has been established that coffee increases alertness, concentration and helps fight drowsiness and falling asleep.

Studies have also shown that moderate consumption of caffeine, the psychoactive compound in coffee, improves certain cognitive functions such as memory. The US military has also implemented the results of this research by providing its troops in Iraq with chewing gum that delivers a dose of 200 mg of caffeine. The soldiers on a night mission were instructed to chew it every two hours, from 3 to 7 in the morning …

Too much coffee can have a diuretic effect and, potentially, promote dehydration, while promoting iron deficiency, two factors that can cause fatigue.

Dr Laurent Chevallier, nutritionist at the Montpellier University Hospital.

Caffeine acts on the brain by passing the blood-brain barrier. It is lodged on receptors of the nerve cells, those on which attaches normally

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