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The residents of the capital are tired of annoying calls with a proposal to take out a loan, invest money or buy something. Most often, residents of Moscow and the Moscow region suffer from spam attacks, according to various polls. So how do you get rid of the “uninvited guests”?

According to experts, the more people settle in a city, the more often they receive spam calls. In this regard, Moscow is in the lead. Every resident of the megalopolis regularly receives calls from strangers on his mobile phone. Fraudsters try to enter the conversation under various pretexts. For example, they often pose as bank security officers, brazenly luring money from the accounts of gullible people. How do you recognize “unclean” calls? First of all, experts advise using applications of large IT companies that can save you from spammers and intruders. “For example, Yandex offers a built-in caller ID. They have a large database, and if the number has already been used for spam calls, the caller simply suggests not picking up the phone,” explained Stanislav Kosarev, director of the information technology department of Synergy University, to RG. Sber has a similar solution. Recently, Tinkoff Bank announced an interbank system to protect against spam calls. ” The same recipe is given by Evgeny Sukhanov, director of the information security department of Oberon. According to him, spam protection is a basic functionality that is available to any user for free. It is enough to install the application using the Apple Store and Google Play. You don’t need to spend extra money on spam filters.

Do not forget to also block the numbers from which spammers or fraudsters called. The simplest solution is to blacklist them right away. “After all, sometimes attackers call and deliberately discard so that you call back. If you have even the slightest doubts, hang up immediately,” notes Kosarev. “If you were supposedly called from a bank, it is better to also interrupt the conversation and call the bank by its official number “.

Another rule that will reduce the likelihood of falling into dubious hands. Yevgeny Sukhanov added that it is better not to indicate your phone number in open and unverified Internet services. In this case, there is less chance that it will end up in the spam database. For registration on any sites, according to Sukhanov, it is more expedient to create a separate e-mail box. The phone number can only be used in trusted applications. For example, in taxi aggregators, food delivery services and client banking.

Do not forget to also block the numbers from which spammers or fraudsters called. The simplest solution is to blacklist them right away.

By the way, spammers can and should be punished. Earlier “RG” wrote that the FAS department is dealing with this issue in Moscow. To hold advertisers accountable, you need a photo or a scan of an SMS. An audio recording of an incoming phone call, a dialogue with a subscriber in an appropriate, readable format, containing information about the date and time of the advertisement receipt, as well as the full text of the advertisement (for phone calls). The key point is that you can punish spammers if you did not consent to such mailings and calls. However, in many cases, the contract for the provision of communication services contains consent to receive advertising via SMS, according to the Moscow OFAS. Also, such consent is often contained in a variety of agreements with organizations.


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