How to write the word “racketeer”: philologists will update the rules of the Russian language

The Ministry of Education thought about spelling

The Ministry of Education intends to update the spelling rules of the Russian language. The department has decided how to write without mistakes about carsharing, offshore companies and the Delta strain.

The Ministry of Education has prepared a new set of rules for spelling of the Russian language. The document was developed by the Spelling Commission at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Linguists and officials alike point out that the current rules, created back in 1956, are hopelessly outdated. And yet more than 30 editions of spelling dictionaries are based precisely on these old rules. And only three of them – 1963, 1974 and 1991. – have been corrected and supplemented. At the same time, the rules were practically not replenished with new words. The developers of the updated set emphasize that for more than 40 years there have been changes that “shake” the spelling rules, there are new words, types of words, constructions, the spelling of which is not regulated. The new set of rules has added words that used to make philologists and teachers of the Russian language uncomfortable: dealer, killer, offshore, default, realtor, karate, low-cost airline, car sharing and delta. Also, the rules indicate how to correctly spell words with the parts “mini”, “midi”, “video”, “audio” and “media”. Such designs require a hyphen, such as “miniskirt” or “audio protocol”. In addition, the new set contains words that need to be written with “e”. In the old 1956 rules, there are only three words in which the letter e should be written after a strong consonant: mayor, peer and sir. Now the master, plein air and racketeering have been added to them.


Associate Professor of the Department of Russian Literature and Intercultural Communication of the State Institute of the Russian Language named after V.I. A.S. Pushkin Andrey SHCHERBAKOV: “The words that are included in the set of rules are borrowings. Whenever a word passes into Russian from a foreign language, the question arises: how to display it using the Cyrillic alphabet? How to write: “distributor” or “distributor”? At first, all possible options are used in speech, but over time, some one begins to prevail. It is written down in the spelling rules. “

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28662 of November 10, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Offshores have become a problem for philologists


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