HSE Rector blames the cause of poverty on the children of the poor

“Educationally unsuccessful” become “economically unsuccessful”

Do you know why you are beggars? Because your children are stupid idiots. Why are you clenching your fists? An intelligent person says this to you in slightly different words – the rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminov. Polite. Look at how I formulated – the cause of poverty in Russia lies in a high percentage of educational failure, which is then transformed into economic failure.

Kuzminov, giving interviews to journalists on the sidelines of the SPIEF, noted that now in each class there are about 30 percent of children with poor academic performance. “After all, what does the 20-30 percent share of those who fail in school mean? That children will be released with poor knowledge of mathematics or the Russian language, which is already transformed into economic failure, “he explained. Simple and clear – where will they take you, stupid? If the parents of such children have money, they can hire tutors for them. But if schoolchildren grow up in a low-income family, then this does not happen. The head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov called the presence of children in a family the main sign of poverty. Families with children account for the overwhelming majority of the total number of poor in Russia – 82 percent. Nullity, therefore, gives rise to idleness. And here, Kuzminov states, there is a need “to support these citizens – at the expense of income from successful workers.” Trouble, isn’t it?

But did the knowledge of mathematics and the Russian language, or even quantum mechanics, help academicians, professors, scientists, teachers, engineers in the 90s? When they, thrown out by the new owners, went out with outstretched hand to the porch? But those who are not used to thinking a lot have become successful. Not all, however, survived. Of course, this is an exaggerated example of the absence of a direct link between “educational failure” and “economic failure”. But the essence of the economic formation in which we still live (the predatory accumulation of initial capital), and into which we fell, having become beggars, having been foolish, believing, you cannot argue here, is conveyed correctly. Even if you are an academician at least three times, you will not achieve anything until you forget about decency. This is what needs to be changed so that there are no poor people. Everything else is derivatives.

The poor, in the current sense, were not, for example, in the USSR. And there are more than enough poor and C students. No less than now. But working people, working people, albeit without higher education, with a very average, received decent wages. A friend of our family, who worked as a mill-turner at a plant in Kimry (now the Tver region), had his own boat (not a motor boat, but a boat with a cabin), he changed his dacha and cars – he had a “penny” and a “three-ruble note” “(Yes, I stood in line behind them, but could afford it). For the first time in my life I saw a VCR with him. You can still remember the miners. And now? So what is the reason for poverty in the country – a lack of education?

Of course, it is easier for a person with a good education to find a job with a more or less decent salary. That’s just the people of simple labor are needed no less. If Mr. Kuzminov hires a doctor of philology at the Higher School of Economics as a cleaner, will he pay her more than a cleaner without education?

That’s when it starts – then we’ll talk about the connection between education and poverty. When people plowing, building, extracting coal and oil, but “educationally unsuccessful,” cease to be considered slaves by our elite, then it will be possible to unclench their fists.

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28554 dated June 8, 2021

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Foolish beggars


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