Hulk celebrates Atlético-MG’s good moment, but asks for his feet on the ground: “We won’t win”

Atlético-MG is guaranteed in the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil 2021. After winning the quarterfinals by 2-1, Galo once again beat Fluminense this Wednesday, this time by 1-0, at Mineirão .

Author of the decisive goal of tonight’s clash, Hulk celebrated the classification and the good moment of the club from Minas Gerais, but asked that the Alvinegro squad keep their feet on the ground.

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“I’m living a very good moment here, but the most important thing is to keep your feet on the ground, always humbly, because we haven’t won anything yet. The only one we’ve won so far was Mineiro and it was very sweaty. Then we started. the Libertadores with a draw abroad and we were very demanding, but the team kept the unity, the spirit. Reaching two semifinals and leading the Brazilian Nationals is not easy, we know how difficult it is, but we didn’t win anything. so, God willing, in December we can go on vacation with two titles, maybe three or four. We have to work and keep focused,” he told the SportTV.

The forward also took the opportunity to praise his teammate Diego Costa, who, little by little, is conquering a place in the team of coach Cuca.

“Everyone knows Diego’s qualities. A great player who definitely came to add. Our team has a very strong squad and Diego only comes to leverage even more. He’s gaining pace with each practice, each game, and the we expect it to reach 100% soon because it will certainly be very important, like everyone else here,” he concluded.

Atlético-MG is now waiting for the Fortaleza x São Paulo qualifier to know who will be their opponents in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil.

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