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Incredible footage shows an elephant sticking its trunk into a villager’s kitchen in search for food.

A video shows the massive elephant crashing into the woman’s home in Thailand in the middle of the night.

While it has stunned people all over the world, it has become a common sight for people in the Prachuap Khiri Khan province in Thailand.

The mind-boggling footage from the incident on Saturday shows the rampaging beast sticking its head through a hole in the wall – caused by another elephant in a similar incident in May.

According to CNN, the home belonged to Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon, who told the outlet she and her husband were sleeping when they woke up to a sound coming from the kitchen.

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Incredible footage shows a young and hungry elephant crashing into a home in Thailand after smelling food

“So we rushed downstairs and saw this elephant poked its head into our kitchen where the wall was broken,” she said.

“I have seen elephants roaming around our town looking for food since I was young,” said Ratchadawan. “But this is the first time they actually damaged my house.”

The elephant can be seen using its trunk to search through cupboards for food.

At what point it also knocks over a few dishes before picking up a plastic bag and shoving it in its mouth.

The elephant uses its trunk to go through the cupboards in search for food

hole in kitchen
The elephant stuck its head through a hole that had been made by another elephant last month

According to the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, the elephant broke in as it smelled food.

A Facebook post reads: “Elephants are herbivores so they needs minerals from salty food, which is essential for their bodies.

“They would try to find any minerals, and we have educated local residents.”


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