Hypnosis in video to sleep and cultivate optimism, with Benjamin Lubszynski

VIDEOS – Figaro Live offers a collection of videos to help you relax with the coach and YouTuber Benjamin Lubszynski.

This hypnosis video was inspired by the meeting between Benjamin Lubszynski, coach and YouTuber, and photojournalist Peter Turnley, author of a report on the Covid-19 crisis in New York and Paris. His photographs were notably exhibited in 2020 at the Visa pour l’Image international photojournalism festival – Perpignan.

How to follow this video session?

Prefer a quiet place to enjoy this moment of relaxation. If possible, turn off your cell phone notifications. Relax your muscles, for example you can stretch yourself slightly. If possible, use headphones to listen to this video.

Finally, start the session and let yourself be guided.

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