Icebreaker ship rescues lost dog in the Arctic

One-year-old Samoyed Aika took advantage of an open door and escaped, but she got lost and could no longer return home to northern Russia. It wandered for a week, until it was spotted, amidst a lot of ice, in the Arctic.

The dog was spotted and rescued by workers on an icebreaker a few kilometers from Mys Kamenny village.

A video shows Aika wagging her tail when found. The workers placed a ladder so that she boarded the vessel and made contact in search of their tutors.

According to The Moscow Times, the family had no hope of meeting the furry one. Aika, who was at risk of falling through the cracks in the ice, was brought to safety in time and in good health, despite leg injuries.

After receiving care and affection from the sailors, the Samoyed returned home aboard a hovercraft.

Now, after an icy journey, the dog does not leave the family and is in no hurry to leave the house, said the tutor, Svetlana Chereshneva, according to Publication.

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follow him good for dog no Facebook, no Instagram or not Twitter.

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