‘I’d rather be in the center than on the left’, says Bolsonaro – 11/26/2021 – Power

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) once again justified his proximity to the center in an interview with Dialogue with Lacombe (RedeTV!) this Thursday (25). “There are 513 deputies, almost 300 are from the said center. If I don’t talk to them, who am I going to talk to?”, he asked. “I’ve been with the PP, I’ve been with the PTB. It’s a pejorative name they gave. I’d rather be in the center than on the left, you can’t get anything good for the country there.”

The interview took place at Palácio da Alvorada, by the swimming pool, which the president said he did not have time to use because of the “troubled life”.

Bolsonaro denied that his base in the National Congress is based on exchanging positions and favors. According to him, the relationship with parliamentarians happens through persuasion. “Negotiation is not easy,” he said, despite the release of parliamentary amendments.

The president said that despite 28 years in Congress, he did not expect it to be that difficult to govern and said he had not yet made the decision to run for re-election in 2022.

Despite this, he reported “high level” conversations with Valdemar Costa Neto, president of PL, the party he should join in the coming days. And he criticized former president Lula (PT) and former minister and former judge Sergio Moro (Podemos), his likely adversaries in the electoral campaign.

“With the PT back, everyone will lose. There’s no way to do a miracle in the economy and they’ll come back to equip everything in the country, never to leave power.”

About Moro, the president once again made fun of his former justice minister and pre-candidate for the presidency. “I want to see him on top of a truck talking to two thousand people. He can’t talk,” he said.

Bolsonaro also criticized the presence of other former ministers around Moro. To him, it looks like “repression”.

Even without having decided whether or not to run for re-election, the president guaranteed that he intends to participate in debates in 2022, but asked that there be no attacks on family and friends. “For my part, there will be no war. I have a four-year mandate to show. Lula is eight years old. We have what to show.”

Still on the 2022 dispute, he stated that whoever is elected may nominate two ministers for the STF (Supreme Federal Court).

“You have to be patient,” he asked, in a sign to his support base.

The president again criticized the impeachment of federal deputy Fernando Francischini, from Paraná, for spreading false news against the electronic voting system.

In his opinion, Francischini didn’t tell a lie. “Nego was going to vote, pressed the one and the 13 would already appear there”, he said. “The message they give: there was a mass shooting. We don’t have proof, but if there is next year, we’ll cancel the registration and arrest it. Look, dictatorship in Brazil, while I’m president, we can’t admit that there.”

Despite the criticisms, he stressed that he does not want to enter into a confrontation because this affects the dollar, the price of fuel and the cost of living.

“We’re all the time pouring cold water. I try to calm down all the time and I don’t get into this split ball,” he said, presumably of his more extreme supporters. Bolsonaro also said that he knows what Congressman Daniel Silveira (PSL) went through, “unfairly”.

“Wait, calm down. Let’s do our part, get indignant, we know of arbitrariness that happens, they are serious. I am often brooding, but the consequences of my actions can be worse for everyone,” he said. “Whoever is elected in 2022, puts two more in the Supreme Court in 2023. It is possible to change Brazil”, he repeated.

Bolsonaro once again praised former minister André Mendonça, appointed by him for a vacancy in the STF, and said he believed that the Senate will approve the name. After more than four months of resistance, the president of the CCJ (Commission for Constitution and Justice), Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), marked the meeting of the former minister.


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