Ignorance is the worst of a leader’s faults – 10/28/2021 – Opinion

Every head of state is a leader. The leader leads his followers, who believe in the leader. This is the design of leadership.

And, to follow the leader, followers must believe in him from the beginning to the end of the journey. Along the way, many followers leave him, and this happens for many reasons. Either they become disenchanted with attitudes or feel disappointed by attitude deviations. The leader leads a majority, but cannot disregard the minority — not least because majority and minority are momentary, and all belong to the same nation.

Honesty is not a virtue, but an obligation of the leader, who must have serenity and wit as virtues. The leader cannot react, but take a stand, because every reaction is instinctive and not rational.

When feeling attacked and reacting, the leader makes the mistake of acting on instinct and fails to understand the environment of dispute. He ends up making primary mistakes, which he wouldn’t make if he had thought one more day.

As soon as he took office, President Jair Bolsonaro made a declaration of war against this sheet. He said he would put an end to the newspaper not allocating public funds to it. The bewilderment of this statement is not so much the threat to sheet, but rather the lack of knowledge that public advertising monies are public and not deprived of a despot.

Bolsonaro, who calls himself a Democrat all the time, unfortunately showed on the first day of victory his spiteful side to running the nation. And countless times we have seen this side govern and have attitudes that remind us of a spoiled child, even though he is over 60 years old and is the head of the nation.

Here comes a new moment of clash between the president and the media. The media, whatever it may be, is responsible for the opposition of facts and ideas. This is the principle of journalism. In all democracies, traditional media has always been in opposition or, at the very least, in opposition to the government. It is up to the traditional media the task of warning, predicting, showing government inequalities and contradictions or dishonesty and excesses.

Behold, the head of the nation, Jair Primero, in an impetuous king’s rapture, decides to cut off the head of the messenger of bad news. Yes, because when canceling subscriptions to sheet in his palace, what Jair First did was cut off the messenger’s head and not change life or the facts of life.

Ignorance is the biggest fault of leaders. It takes knowledge of the facts, which can guide the leader’s actions and attitudes. When we don’t like a traditional media vehicle, whether it’s the sheet or GloboNews, because it understands that it has different ideologies from ours, the least we should do is evaluate the content, remove what we consider to be aggression or something similar and locate the news and facts published.

The moment you eliminate the media out of ideological prejudice, you put yourself in a state of ignorance—and that’s the worst thing a leader can do.

The vehicle will not cease to exist and will continue to publish news, opinion articles and reports.

The leader will remain ignorant of the facts. Whoever ignores the facts loses the war.


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