‘I’m unfaithful for revenge: my husband should ask my forgiveness for being cuckold!’ – 15/09/2021 – Mirian Goldenberg

As I promised in the column “I’m Faithful Out of Laziness: Betraying Is Too Much Work!”, I will reveal the female responses to my survey on love, sex and betrayal with 1,279 men and women.

Sexual behaviors are not so far away, as 60% of men and 47% of women said they were unfaithful. However, the differences are stark when they and they point out the reasons for the betrayal. No woman said she cheated because she is “polygamous by nature”, nor because she “painted an opportunity”, “men are too soft” and “the flesh is weak”.

For many women, as I show in the book “Why do men and women cheat?”, the fault of betrayal is always the man’s: whether for his unfaithful nature or for his numerous defects as a husband. They say that a lack of listening, intimacy, romance, caring, caring, understanding and recognition are far more threatening to marriage than a lack of sex.

Why then do women cheat?

I found different speeches among women who are (or were) infidels.

The “romantic infidel”: “My husband doesn’t listen to me, doesn’t date me, doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore. He was a prince charming, now he’s a boring frog. My lover values ​​me, treats me like a princess, knows how to listen carefully, says he loves me all the time. He gives me everything I need most to be a happy woman”.

The “Narcissistic Infidel”: “I need to feel wanted, loved, valued. With my husband I feel invisible, he looks like he’s having sex with a generic woman or an inflatable doll. I have one or two lovers on stand by whenever I need to feel beautiful, powerful and hot”.

The “fun infidel”: “I’m very playful, but my husband doesn’t like my games. He is very critical, closed and moody. This to me is blunt. My lover laughs a lot at my antics and, most important of all, he knows how to make me laugh. I get more pleasure from my lover’s delicious laughs than having sex with my husband.”

The “Naughty Infidel”: “My husband thinks foreplay is just five minutes of renown in bed. My lover already knows that foreplay is everything he does to seduce me 24 hours a day, especially the naughty messages he sends through WhatsApp”.

The “virtual infidel”: “My husband is so straight he doesn’t like me masturbating with the vibrator. No wonder I have a lover to fulfill my fantasies. When my husband goes to sleep, I spend hours on the computer talking and having sex with my virtual lover. I am more intimate with him than with my husband. He loves to see me enjoy my toys”.

The “libertarian infidel”: “Men can blatantly cheat and are called stallions and catchers. When women cheat, they are called whores and whores. I’ve been betrayed my whole life by my husband, now it’s my turn. I’m tired of the role of sweet, demure, and homely wife. I fuck whoever I want and fuck what others will think.”

The “jealous infidel”: “My husband was never faithful, it is his nature. Luckily I have a 100% faithful lover. I’m very jealous of him, I need to make sure he only has sex with me. I’m only unfaithful because I need the unconditional love of a faithful man. Isn’t that a crazy paradox?”

The “Ventful Infidel”: “After twenty years of marriage, I found out that my husband was cheating on me with his secretary. I was so angry that I had to pay back. I had sex with my personal trainer, a horny 25 year old boy. Remember the play ‘Forgive me for betraying me’, by Nelson Rodrigues, when the husband apologizes for having been betrayed by his wife? My husband is the real culprit in my betrayal. I’m unfaithful for revenge: my husband should ask me for forgiveness for being cuckold!”

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