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The carbon market is under construction in the country, but 70% of agribusiness entrepreneurs have no idea what it is and the mechanisms it offers.

The assessment is by Marcello Brito, chairman of the board of directors of Abag (Brazilian Agribusiness Association).

“We are in a learning process, but the market is built on trust, and we suffer from the lack of it in the international market”, he says.

“Brazil’s image is crushed abroad. It is the worst in the country’s history, regardless of the index used for verification”, he says.

Brito says, however, that Brazil should be one of the protagonists in this sector, and the country will not need to make any revolution to do so, since much of the disrespect for the pursuit of zero carbon comes from criminality and illegality.

“We can carry out a mitigation process by reducing deforestation. It is easier for us than for other countries because we have an environmental asset to do this”, he says.

Image is the calling card of those who want to do business. And, at this moment, the Amazon takes Brazil out of the world, when it comes to financial funding and possible trade agreements.

At the beginning of August, Abag holds an online congress to discuss aspects for the development of the green carbon market in the country.

During the event, clean and sustainable energy, Brazil’s competitiveness in this sector and the future of Brazilian agribusiness in world trade will be discussed.

Structuring Arab agro will require Brazilian technology

Brazilian exports to the Arabs grew 26% in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2020, when considering the overall total, according to data compiled by the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

Sales of agricultural products, however, remained stable in the period, totaling US$ 3.7 billion, according to data from Secex (Secretary of Foreign Trade). Three years ago, it was $5 billion.

Total Brazilian sales to the League of Arab States reached US$ 6.4 billion up to June, driven by iron ore, which yielded US$ 2 billion, 200% more than in 2020.

In the agribusiness sector, the main purchases by the Arabs are sugar and meat, both with revenues exceeding US$ 1.1 billion in the first six months of the year.

In the case of meat, chicken, despite restrictions on Brazilian slaughterhouses by Saudi Arabia, increased 8% in the period. Beef, on the other hand, registered a loss of 34% in the bloc of these countries. The biggest retraction in the purchase of beef has been taking place in Egypt. It’s 60% a year.

Considering only the food sector, Saudi Arabia tops the list of Brazil’s main partners in the semester —US$ 916 million —, followed by Algeria and the United Arab Emirates.

The Arab League countries have been increasing their soy and corn imports. The purchase of the oilseed evolved 26% this year, and the cereal, 120%.

To Tamer Mansour, secretary general at the Arab Brazilian Chamber, the countries in the region are structuring the agribusiness chain, which opens up a horizon for Brazilian exports of technologies for the sector.

Brazilian exports to the Arabs show a very small share of the country in fruit and milk in the region.

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